“We’ll get together once a year regularly, like the Ziegfeld girls” – Peg (Joan Blondell) in Desk Set



Who’s ready for an overload of Flo, showgirls, music, and backstage intrigue? I know I am! Welcome to Day 1 of the first annual Great Ziegfeld Blogathon!

If you haven’t yet checked out Brian from Bonnywood Manor’s brilliant & hilarious promo for the blogathon, please indulge yourself here:ย BuMP โ€“ #3: Cannolis and Coiffures and Confusion.ย 

So get your ostrich plumes ready to wave,

The Day 1 entries are:

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Ziegfeld Follies

Let’s keep those curtain calls coming and give ’em a big hand, folks!

Look for more lovely posts coming up tomorrow and Sunday, as the blogathon runs between May 15 – 17, 2020.