Welcome to Day 2 of the first annual Great Ziegfeld Blogathon! Click here for the Day 1 Recap. So many excellent posts so far and here come some more beauties!

Keep your headdress in place and read on by the light of the silvery moon because,

The Day 2 entries are:

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Doe Avedon and José Ferrer in "Deep in My Heart" 1954 MGM ** I.V.    zbthe-clown-poster


When you’re done reading these fantastic posts, please come back for a brief Ziegfeld quiz (below):



No googling or sneaking back to the main page for help now!

Q1. Which famous classic actress was NOT a Ziegfeld girl? 

a). Joan Blondell

b). Paulette Goddard

c). Norma Shearer

d). Barbara Stanwyck

Q2. Which two Ziegfeld headliners had a major fight backstage resulting in one dragging the other onstage by his/her hair?

a). Fanny Brice vs. Lillian Lorraine

b). Eva Tanguay vs. Sophie Tucker

c). Eddie Cantor vs. Will Rogers

d). Mae Murray vs. Olive Thomas

Q3. Which one of these actors married not one, but two Ziegfeld girls? (Bonus points for naming the girls)

a). Lionel Barrymore

b). Charlie Chaplin

c). Rod La Rocque

d). Jack Pickford

Q4. One of performer Claire Luce’s acts was to ride a live _____ with a diamond studded collar on stage. What did she ride?

a). Camel

b). Elephant

c). Ostrich

d). Zebra

Q5. The name of Ziegfeld’s other revue, a racier one which took place on the rooftop after hours, were the Midnight ____

a). Antics

b). Frolics

c). Revels

d). Scandals


How do you think you did? Stay tuned: Answers will be posted in the Day 3 recap. Make sure to check out the final fabulous entries then!