The wonderful Sally Silverscreen at 18 Cinema Lane nominated me for my first Blogger Recognition Award back in January! Sally is an excellent blogger and blogathon MVP so I I was and am honored and super excited about this, but per usual always find it harder to write about myself so have procrastinated writing this acceptance post all the way into March. However, I’m finally ready to trip on my gorgeous, but ill-fitting dress all the way up the stairs to accept this award. Thank you, Sally!!


The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Place the award banner somewhere on your blog
  3. Share the story or history behind the creation of your blog.
  4. Provide two or more pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 10 other bloggers and link their blogs.
  6. Share the exciting news with your nominees


Aside from my college Deadjournal, which was really just an excuse to give shoutouts to friends and angst openly about ex-boyfriends, my original concept of blogging was mostly shaped around movies like Julie and Julia, where the protagonist blogger comes up with a unique and brilliant idea and then rides the million dollar wave to fame and success. It didn’t seem like something you could just do…for fun…with no million dollar endgame.ย So I did nothing…until I got into genealogy research and happened to stumble upon a blog post written by (who I now know is) a distant cousin. He had written a post about one of our shared great-great-etc. grandparents who I was researching. My world expanded in an instant. I could do this, too, and furthermore (because I can’t make anything simple and only feel comfortable when multi-tasking) I could also blog about old Hollywood. Genealogy and old Hollywood, both explorations of the past, seem to fit together nicely and my goal of blogging about both was the same: to keep them alive. It has not always been easy, not fitting exactly into either community, but it’s been fun and I don’t regret the decision.

My advice for new bloggers is to stay true to who you are and what you would like to blog about. As stated in the previous paragraph, I thought that blogging about old Hollywood AND genealogy may exclude me from certain communities, recognitions, and conversations and in some rare cases it has, but mostly it has been a blessing. I’ve met some excellent people in both communities and ultimately I’ve felt welcomed into both. I also advise you to reach out and connect with other bloggers. They don’t bite and the insight, support, and positivity they offer is incredibly helpful.

My 10 nominees are as follows:

  1. Brian Lageose at Bonnywood Manor
  2. The Keystone Girl Blogs
  3. Heather Babcock at Meet Me at the Soda Fountain
  4. Nick Murphy at Forgotten Australian Actors
  5. Jay at Cinema Essentials
  6. Meredith Jones at So, I Wrote a Thing
  7. Maedez at A Small Press Life. Books. Art. Writing. Life. Tea.ย 
  8. J-Dub at Dubsism
  9. David Cairns at Shadowplay
  10. Chiara at Decoding the Family Tree


Accept or don’t, but please know that I enjoy your blogs and am happy to be fan.

Happy blogging!