DiBagno Family
DiBagnos circa 1928 – Jeannette, PA

Photo above is of the DiBagno family in Jeannette, PA, circa 1928.

From left: Mary, Geno (with his wagon), father Giulio, Tony (standing on chair), Joe (standing), Agnes (sitting), Edith (twin of Tony; standing on chair), mother Adela, Frank.

As a kid (and before I knew their birth order), when my mom asked me to pick which one I thought my grandfather was, I guessed every male until I came to little Tony standing on the chair. I guess to me my grandfather was larger than life so it was hard thinking of him as that small! Also, though the youngest, as an adult he was the tallest of the siblings!

DiBagno sibs.jpg
The Big 7 as adults, 1970s

The 7 DiBagno siblings all grown up. From left: Frank, Geno, Joe (sitting), Edith, Tony, Agnes, Mary.