In 2019, I decided to post a series of interviews with members of both the genealogical and old Hollywood communities, hoping to find common ground between the two and learn more about some people whose online presence I truly enjoy. Welcome to the Hollywood/GenesCrossover Interview series! For the original post in this series and to see the complete list of interviewees, click here.


I e-met Joi on Twitter through its wonderful old Hollywood community and instantly knew I had come across someone simpatico. Joi is a prolific blogger whose old Hollywood website is bursting with reviews and photos. You could spend hours perusing and not want to come up for air. Joi’s sense of fun shines through her writing, evident also in the interview below…

Two of Joi’s favorite things (and blog topics)

Name: Joi (“Joy”) Sigers

Tell us a little about yourself (anything goes!): 

My faith and family (including a husband, 3 daughters, 2 grandbabies, 3 sons-in-law, and plenty of beloved cats!) are my world. I love to cook, am a huge history buff, love animals with all my heart, and am obsessed with old Hollywood, Classic TV, and old radio shows. Oh, and I absolutely believe in Bigfoot… so there’s that.

What is your earliest memory of watching a classic film? What did it do for you? Why do you remember it?

Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life both come immediately to mind. When I was little, I primarily loved the entertainment and the warm way they made me feel inside. As I grew older (and today), it’s the same PLUS more. They bring back wonderful, cherished memories of my childhood and, more importantly, my mom and dad, and grandparents.

Who are your top 3 favorite old Hollywood stars and why (1900s-1960s)?

Impossible to truly narrow my favorites to three, but I will name 4 who have been favorites forever and a day: Lucille Ball, Maureen O’Hara, Katharine Hepburn, and Barbara Stanwyck. There are others I love as much but these four have been with me from the start of my old Hollywood obsession and I just grow to adore them more and more.

What are your top 3 favorite classic films and why?

Again, I have many more than 3 favorites, but these are three of them: The Quiet Man, Stage Door, and Bringing Up Baby. I also love ALL Christmas films, Abbott and Costello films, and just about any Western you put in front of me. When you religiously watch every genre and every year from silents through the 80s, you wind up with a lot of favorite movies and stars.

How does classic film feature in your life today?

When raising my three daughters, I homeschooled them. When it came time to teach them things I wanted them to know, such as web design, editing, and building websites, I realized I needed to learn a few of these myself before teaching them! So, as someone has been an avid cook all her life, I put up a cooking website first. Then an Old Hollywood website, and a cat site followed. Three of my greatest passions! They transitioned into blogs and, today I have each as well as a tea blog. The Old Hollywood blog is “Hollywood Yesterday” ( They allowed me to learn the ins and outs of the online world AND making money on my websites provided extra money since I did not (and do not) work outside of the home. They also gave a very young mother a great deal of confidence!

I also watch TCM religiously and collect Old Hollywood books, dvds, art, figurines, dolls, etc. I’m up to my eyeballs in all things Old Hollywood and Classic TV!

What is your favorite website(s) dedicated to old Hollywood? Why do you find it so enjoyable or useful?

This is horrible and I am ashamed to admit it, but I am so busy with my own websites and blogs (I have six total), that I don’t visit/support others in the community like I should and want to. I think Twitter spoils me – I just enjoy everyone there! This poll (this question, in particular) makes me realize that I should visit other blogs and websites and support others in this wonderful community! I’ll begin doing just that!

Do you have a family (or personal) connection to old Hollywood? How so?

None other than my mom obsessing over Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor and my favorite aunt loving Elvis so much, I literally used to think he was an ex boyfriend!

Which film star are you most often compared to or you think you look the most like?

I’d say I was closer to Barbara Stanwyck than anyone – especially when she was in the wonderful Christmas in Connecticut.

Barbara Stanwyck in Christmas in Connecticut

We all know that classic film fans appreciate characters with moxie. Who is your most moxie filled family member or ancestor and why?

(I love this question!)  I have so many in my family tree that it should be called the Moxie Tree. REAL Characters… all of them! My mom was a card – and the best kind of card… the one that doesn’t know it! My dad was a clown and never went a day without laughing about something. Making people laugh was his favorite thing to do.  I get these traits from both of them – except, unlike momma, I know I’m a bird.

My aunt (the Elvis fanatic) developed breast cancer over 8 years ago (and beat it!). She never got down, depressed, or angry. In fact when someone mentioned something along the lines of, “Why would this happen to YOU???” She replied, “Well, why NOT me? Actually, it’s better for it to be me because I have God in my corner.” 💕

Joi, where can we find you online?

My Twitter account for my Hollywood Yesterday blog is @hollywoodyeste1

My personal Twitter account (cats, cooking, coffee, baseball, family, sports, animals, humor, craziness and unbridled silliness) is @JoiTaniaSigers (lots of cats).

My food blog is,

My Old Hollywood blog is

My cat blog is


If you are a member of the online old Hollywood and/or genealogy community and would like to be interviewed for this series, please reply in the comments or message me on Twitter @hollywoodgenes.