Update: We are off to a great start so far! I have decided to do weekly recaps including all of the posts for that week on July 8, July 15, July 21, July 27, and the final recap on Aug 1.


While, of course, we love the main characters of our favorite films, often truly great characters and performances end up unnoticed, unremembered, or under appreciated simply because the characters were supporting, relegated to the background, or deemed less than perfect per society’s norms of the time.

With this concurrent Twitter challenge and blogathon, we hope to celebrate the bridesmaids instead of the brides, small parts with big heart, and the characters who are way too familiar with the background and the friend zone.

Did their 15 minutes of screen time make you beg for more? Did you go mad for that face in the crowd? Did the comic relief steal the show? Did the film’s overall treatment of this character feel unjust? Let’s give credit where credit is due!

Starting July 1, participate in the daily Twitter (or Instagram) challenge, participate as a blogger, or do both!

Tying in the actor (the effectiveness of their performance playing this character, the actor’s background, etc.) is fine, but please make sure that your main focus is the character. Silent film to current film characters are all accepted.


REAL Always a Bridesmaid Challenge

Tweeters (or Instagrammers): 

1). Use the hashtag #BridesmaidChallenge2019 in your posts as you respond to the daily prompts.

2). Feel free to post your answers in text, photo, or gif form.


1). Write as much or as little as you choose (considering the nature of this blogathon, some of these characters were literally only in the film for 2 minutes, so if a paragraph is all you can muster, have at it!)

2). Post in the comments here or on the Twitter post pinned to my account (or @ me) @HollywoodGenes if you plan to participate and I will link your post(s) here and in the wrap-up in August. No need to comment on what you plan to write (unless you want to), just that you plan to (& a link to your blog) so I can find your posts.

3). Participate as much or as little as you would like to! Because it’s a daily challenge spanning the month of July, you may post one entry per day, you may pick and choose the entries you would like to write about, or even write one big entry addressing each day or selected days. The topics are broken up into weekly sub-themes so you may write by theme instead (a suggested blog schedule is below if you would rather submit your entries on a weekly basis and work by theme). However you choose to participate is up to you! All posts are “due” by August 1, 2019 (though feel free to release them throughout the month of July).

Suggested Blog Sub-Theme Schedule:

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4). Just make sure you use the tag #BridesmaidBlogathon2019 somewhere in your entry or entries.

5). And help yourself to a banner!


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**If you are participating on Twitter AND in the Blogathon, feel free to use both hashtags in your tweets and entries. 

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning for a bit of screen time! Let’s see whatcha got!