This week, I decided to extend the membership of my newly created Facebook group, NoVA/DC Genealogy Group, to not only those located in those areas, but also to those researching in those areas. Hopefully some of us locals can volunteer as search angels or at least provide information or tips about the area or where to look for the non-locals who join up!

I FINALLY finished Part 2 of the blog post I started months ago about two guys my mom knew growing up who each became an American icon in his own right, Pat DiCesare and Sonny Vaccaro. I probably should think about making my posts more regular (aside from this one), but it’s so much easier for me to write in bursts.

I also created an Instagram account associated with this blog and my Twitter account. My username is (surprise!) hollywoodgenes. If you are on Instagram, please add me so I can add you back!

It’s funny; about a year ago I had NO use for either Instagram or Twitter. I realize that, considering I’m a photographer, I probably should have seen the value of Instagram, but I didn’t. Twitter I found even more pointless and I admit to making fun of hashtags on more than one occasion.ย I realize that I’m a terrible representative for my Millennial peers, but I’m usually the last person I know of my age group to embrace new technology (I have also never taken an uber in my life – don’t judge me!). But because I’m flighty, enthusiac, and indecisive all in one, when I go in, I go big. So, a year later, I now have 3 Twitter accounts (personal/blog/genealogy group) and 3 Instagram accounts (personal/blog/photography). Who would have thunk it? When I do end up using uber, I promise I won’t call 3 of them at the same time…if that’s how it works? I still don’t get uber.

Back to Twitter, now not only do I get it, but I’m thankful for the connections I’ve made there (and here with this blog!). I’ve met some truly wonderful people that I never would have otherwise. So, I’ve started using a hashtag #ShareSomeLoveSaturday to thank a different Twitter pal every Saturday for…being a pal. If you’re not on Twitter, but are reading this, thank you too!

So, you lovely readers who I am endlessly thankful for, until next week, may your DNA matches be many and your hunting be happy!