Since receiving my DNA test results from and 23&Me about a year and a half ago, both sites have updated my results.

In the case of 23&Me, my overall numbers/percentages stayed the same. The only real differences were that they changed the categories “Iberian” to “Spanish and Portuguese” and “Balkan” to “Greek and Balkan.” Also, they pinpointed Irish DNA in the current version where they didn’t in the original. The big difference here was that they were able to pinpoint the specific location of where my ancestors came from 4 of the regions; the most recent update estimating down to the county, which is pretty awesome.



Regions specified as:


As far as accuracy goes…

Figure 1: Greek & Balkan – Croatia: I do not know of any family from Croatia (as far as my family knows, our Eastern European ancestors were Serbians from Yugoslavia). However, I can only go as far back as my great-grandparents, so who knows…

Figure 2: Italian – Italy: We know both of my Italian great-grandparents and their parents came from Abruzzo, so that is accurate! I have never heard of family from Sicily, Apulia, or Campania, but it’s possible!

Figure 3: French & German – Switzerland: My 10th great-grandfather was from Zurich, so it is accurate! It’s curious, though, that it didn’t pick up on Bern because that is where my 2nd and 3rd great grandparents were from…

Figure 4: British & Irish – United Kingdom: 1/10 known to be accurate! My closest known UK ancestor was my 2nd great grandfather who was from County Durham (#8 on the list).

Figure 5: British & Irish – Ireland: Not accurate…at least not based on the information known to me. All of my known Irish ancestors were from County Antrim, which does not show up on he list.

*****’s update was even more drastic:


Nearly everything had changed, in some way or another. I don’t even know what to think anymore! I can make guesses as to which ethnicities were absorbed where, but it was still a pretty surprising difference to see initially.


I also received some results from My Heritage (who has not done an update since I received them). They are as follows:



The one main thing that all of these sites in common is that they all really want me to be Greek. I have 0 known Greek ancestors. I do have several close relatives who are Italian and Serbian so I think in this case what they are categorizing as Greek is either actually Italian or Serbian. Or maybe Greek? Really I’m open to all possibilities.