Below: Sisters Ruth and Esther Mihalovich in their High School cap and gowns.

My grandma Ruth (born in 1919) and older sister Esther (1915) were four years apart (with a sister between them), but very close.

Ruth was also close to her oldest sister Mary’s daughter, Violet Stojakovich. Despite being Ruth’s niece, Violet was the same age as her (born in 1919). Mary, the eldest Mihalovich, was 20 years older than Ruth, the youngest, making for some interesting family relationships. Ruth and Violet were good friends and actually in the same graduating class together at North Braddock High School in Pennsylvania.

In the first row, Violet is 5th from left and Ruth is right beside her, 6th from left.


Ruth’s nieces, Mildred Stojakovich (born 1918) and Violet Stojakovich (born 1919):