This week, I have been more conscious than ever to cite my sources. I have gone back through my Ancestry tree and am adding links and citations whenever possible. Sources are important, not just because they help you remember where you found something, enabling you to go back to it when necessary, but they are important for others who come across your tree seeking information.

Ancestry’s We’re Related app has sent me several messages this week, flagging hints at possible famous relations. So far there are 14, but I have not been able to find evidence supporting any of them. It’s certainly fun, but people should be careful not to get too excited before researching the leads thoroughly.

I began a new blog series, Fine Young Scholars, focused on the educations (or perhaps lack thereof? We’ll see how this goes) of certain family members. The first entry was about my grandfather, Harold Lyle Brown, who completed graduate and undergraduate programs, joined the ATO fraternity, and became a teacher and guidance counselor.

Care of the Unonian, the Mount Union College 1940 yearbook

I am also still diligently plugging in those Charlemagne relatives. It’s a pretty amazing thing to be able to pinpoint your 40th great grandparents…and those in between! 

So far, through my paternal grandfather’s Luce line, I have found that these are my closest famous relations by category:

Movie Star: Sisters Olivia De Havilland and Joan Fontaine, 13th cousins 3x removed

Ziegfeld Girl: Claire Luce – 8th cousin 2x removed (technically, she was also in movies, but she was more known for Broadway and Ziegfeld Girl status- I am planning to do an article all about her soon…)

President of the USA:  Thomas Jefferson – 13th cousin 9x removed

Athlete: Billie Jean King 7th cousin

Writer: Ralph Waldo Emerson – 12th cousin 7x removed

American Icon: Henry Robinson Luce (founder of  Time, Fortune, Life, and Sports Illustrated magazines) – 7th cousin 3x removed

Monarch: Edward I, King of England and Margaret of France, Queen of England – 24th great grandparents

Royal Cousin: Jane Seymour, Queen of England 1st cousin 17x removed

I have always been interested in history and finding these connections is especially fun because it links me to what I’m studying, as a reminder that we are all connected. I can’t wait until my children are old enough to share this information with. I hope that it sparks joy (yes, I have been watching Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix) for them in learning about history, their family, and ultimately their place in this world.

Until next week, may your DNA matches be many and your hunting be happy!