just recently released updated DNA results…and I’m more confused than ever. My new DNA estimate is pictured below:

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 2.27.47 PM.png

I know that DNA is not contributed equally from our four grandparents in nice, neat 25% packages, but if I were to guess my results, based on what I know of my heritage, I would guess I am:

25% Italian (My maternal grandfather was 100% Italian)

25% Eastern European and/or Balkan (My maternal grandmother was 100% Serbian)

25% English and Irish (My paternal grandfather was English and Irish…maybe a tiny bit of German?)

25% German and Swiss (My paternal grandmother was about 50% German and 50% Swiss)

The results don’t really fall along those lines. The English, Irish, and Eastern European results are as expected. The Germanic Europe results (which fold in my German and Swiss roots) are higher than expected, especially considering in the last estimate they were about half of this. However, Northern Italy as well as Serbia and Croatia also fall under the blanket of “Germanic Europe” so that could explain it in part…

Greece and the Balkans are probably my Serbian roots, but that area also includes parts of Southern Italy.

My Italian results are lower than expected, but again could be included in other areas. I’m beginning to wonder if my 100% Italian grandfather had some Eastern European/Balkan roots, somewhere in there, because in both the 23&Me test (13.2% Italian by their estimation) and the Ancestry test, the Eastern European/Balkan results are a bit higher and the Italian is a bit lower than it seems like it should be.

France was a surprise! I have never come across any French ancestors before in my research.

…and wait, I’m not Jewish anymore?? While we’re on the subject, what happened to my Scandinavian, Iberian, and Caucasus DNA??? I suppose they were folded in to one of the other areas. Don’t even get me started on my Middle Eastern and South Asian roots. Looking at the maps, they seem to have just disappeared. I realize that my DNA has not changed, but I do sort of feel like the creators of La La Land did when they thought they won an academy award for best picture only to realize that someone goofed and handed Warren Beatty the wrong envelope. Secretly, I still hope that there’s a chance I’m part Indian and Aishwarya Rai’s my 5th cousin. Maybe in the next update.

Below is my original result for comparison:

My ethnicity estimate

If you were interested in finding out your own results, go toย or If you’re not sure which test is for you, see my previous blog post comparing the two.